Mayor Riley stays on message: Charleston is special and beautiful

After breakfast, I headed over to Marion Square for the opening ceremony, tweeting all the way (have you followed my tweets? I think it’s kinda fun to use twitter, like I have a group of friends I can make snarky asides too.)

Opening ceremonies: Mayor Riley talking about how beautiful Charleston is, official type people giving out awards, and a man and woman sabering open some champagne bottles.

Nice, if a tad dull.

Steve Kish (L) from 82 Queen with Bob Carter and Bob Waggoner
Bobby Flay making preparations for luncheon
Announcing the winner of the Burger Demo raffle
Robert Dickson sings about food, glorious food
Sabering open champagne
Friendly SCE&G guys who lent me some juice for my iPhone
Mayor Riley looking like he needs a friend