[image-1]Heather Donahoe‘s The Southern Food Truck Cookbook takes a tour of the south, chronicling food trucks from here to Louisiana. In South Carolina, she profiles Dulce, Cast Iron Grill, and The Foodie Truck, one of the most ambitious trucks out there that applies a modern restaurant approach to the food truck concept. These guys are known for composing serious plates of food. 

In the cookbook, Jonathan Corey and John Amato share their recipe for Shepherd’s Pie and say that the response to their truck has been spectacular. 

But maybe not that spectacular. The Foodie Truck hasn’t been seen much on the streets of Charleston. The last Facebook update was on Aug. 30 with a simple “we are not out today.” And in September, a couple commenters on this site bemoaned their disappearance.  

According to Amato, the Foodie Truck is not doing public curbside service right now, but they are catering some weddings this month. No word on when we might see them again at the True Value.