If you want to catch some theater this season but you’re low on cash, there are options besides sneaking in the back door. The Footlight Players are seeking ushers for their LateNight Series, and if you’re willing to help some theater-goers find their seats, you can watch the show for free. The adult-oriented series kicks off  Oct. 1 with Annoyance, followed by The Altruists on Feb. 18, then Eat the Runt on April 8.

In other Footlight news, the theater is hosting its first year-round education program in nearly 15 years. Targeted toward ages 8-18 and taught by actress Heather Moss-Layman, the classes kick off Sept. 8. Stephen Colbert is an alum of the program. Isn’t that a good enough recommendation? Call (843) 722-7521 for more info.