The Footlight Players Theatre’s 2008-2009 season will end next year with back-to-back gay classics.

[image-2]Del Shores’ Sordid Lives will premiere March 20. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family that includes a mother struggling to come to terms with her sons sexuality and a drag queen uncle infatuated with Tammy Wynette.  The film by the same name has been a cult classic for years. And, oddly enough, film star Leslie Jordan will be visiting Charleston this summer for a one-man show at the Music Hall.

Following Sordid Lives, the Footlight will close it’s season with La Cage Aux Folles (better known as The Birdcage). The play, also converted to film with some success and a cult following, is about a cabaret owner and his drag-performing partner as they struggle to act straight in front of their son’s prospective in-laws.