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On Sunday night Brian “Bam” Kirkman hosted a handful of guests at the BHNFUX studio in Summerville, including a few guys from Goose Creek metal act Red Skies Ahead, Justin Moody from now-defunct headbangers A City in Ashes, and Paul “PJ” Taylor Jr., the man behind punk and metal promoter KT Booking and Promotions. We were there, and we’ve got to say we’re impressed with the efforts of Kirkman and Taylor, two local guys who are going their damnedest to promote Charleston’s tiny but close-knit punk and metal scene.

Although some might say that the hard rock and hardcore scene is dead in the Holy City, Taylor disagreed. The KT Booking promoter assured us that it is alive and well, with a larger variety of bands in the Charleston area than just a few years ago. For instance, Taylor is hosting the Charleston Skate and Sound fest, July 12-13. Eighteen bands — a good chunk of them local acts — will take the stage at Charleston Skate Park. Bands such as Summerville’s metallic ensemble Grimace and Chucktown punkers EVA will step up and unleash hardcore fury upon festival goers.

For Kirkman and Taylor, supporting the mosh pit and headbanging scene is a labor of love. When it comes to bookings gigs, Taylor told the BHNFUX audience, “Once I found it, I can’t stop.”

Kirkman responded, “The way you feel about booking this stuff, I feel the same way when I play stuff for people. It just makes me happy that people are enjoying it.”

As long as Kirkman and Taylor keep at their passion there’s no doubt that the Charleston metal and hardcore scene will continue to grow.

BHNFUX radio is a new online metal show hosted by Kirkman and co-host Brandon Duncan. The show airs live from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Sunday jonasmountradio.com/bhnfux.html.