[image-1]U.S. Sen. Tim Scott has been hard to miss since President Donald Trump took office. He introduced one of Trump’s most controversial cabinet nominees, Betsy DeVos, backing her candidacy with a personal testament. He’s personally engaged critics on Twitter over his support for the billionaire voucher advocate. His office has fielded thousands of calls in protest and critics have flocked to picket and voice their opposition.

We don’t always agree with Senator Scott, but he’s never been the empty suit his predecessor was, and the North Charleston native has been outspoken at times in his career in elected office. But if it seems like he’s found a bit of a new voice in the Trump’s administration, it might be because he’s got one less thing to worry about.

For the first time since he was elected to the S.C. House in 2008, Tim Scott doesn’t face an election in two years. In fact, it’s the longest he’ll have between elections since he was first elected to Charleston County Council in 1995.

As a representative, Scott was constantly running for re-election. As an appointed senator, Scott was forced to run for statewide re-election twice in his first four years in office. But in 2016, 51-year old Tim Scott won himself a roomy new six-year term in the United States Senate, where the last two men from South Carolina to retire were 83 and 100 years old when they left office.

Suffice it to say, he has a little more leeway.