Be on the lookout for these brand new release recommendations from Graveface Records (724 King St.) and Monster Music & Movies (946 Orleans Rd.) over the next two weeks.



1. Aleister Crowley, Original Wax Recordings (Fantôme Phonographique/Fantome Records, arriving this week)
Not the best record I’ve ever heard, but an obvious buy for weirdos like me. You’ll hear the artist’s recitation of the first two Enochian keys, original poetry, incantations, and songs, all of which were recorded on wax cylinder in the early 1910s and transferred to 78 RPM discs. —Ryan Graveface, owner

[image-7] 2. Lemon Twigs, Go to School (4AD, Aug. 24)
Second full length from this super young duo. Dad rock composed by teens. —Ross Teder

[image-2] 3. Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks (Graveface Records, Aug. 31)
Incredible debut LP by this Savannah psych band. And no, I’m not just saying that because we’re releasing their album. Come see their release show on Aug. 31 behind the Graveface Savannah location (5 W 40th St.) —Graveface



1. Amos Lee, My New Moon (Dualtone, Aug. 31)
Souful singer/songwriter, though pigeonholing like that never says enough. I’ve always dug him, but 2011’s Windows are Rolled Down made an indelible imprint. —Galen Hudson, owner

[image-6] 2. Paul McCartney, Egypt Station (Capitol, Sept. 7)
I don’t care how old he is, Sir Paul can still bring it. New tunes from him are hit and miss, with more misses in recent years, but a sneak preview I heard was pretty eye-popping. —Hudson

[image-5] 3. Alice Coltrane, Spiritual Eternal (Warner, Sept. 7)
Complete Warner Brothers Studio Recordings. Can’t say enough about her in one sentence, but mind-blowing, life-altering jazz piano and harp, sure to expand one’s consciousness. —Hudson