Be on the lookout for these brand new release recommendations from Graveface Records (724 King St.) and Monster Music & Movies (946 Orleans Rd.) over the next two weeks.

Graveface Records


Two Thousand Maniacs!, Herschell Gordon Lewis (Sept. 29)
We’re throwing a pretty rad 13-hour-long film festival on this day and, to celebrate, are releasing a test-pressing version of this title during the fest (with a “normal” version to hit sometime in October. If you are unfamiliar with this film it was the second “gore” film ever made. It’s incredible and the soundtrack is as well.)


Season of the Witch: Halloween 3, John Carpenter (Sept. 28)
Easily the best Halloween flick and score. I wish they would just keep this in print instead of doing a special edition every few years. It’s legendary and as such it should just stick around.


Return of the Living Dead V/A (Oct. 5)
Can you tell I start gearing up for Halloween in September? Very excited to get another copy of this on vinyl. I have an original, but it’s been played to death. Features great tunes by the Damned, TSOL, 45 Grave. —Ryan Graveface

Monster Music & Movies


Hollywood Africans, Jon Batiste (Sept. 28)
I’m already a follower of all manner of New Orleans music, but this guy blew me away at his Spoleto performance at the Cistern. Amazing pianist and performer.


Out of My Head, Paul Collins. (Sept. 28)
Late ’70s New York power-pop punk is still at it. He doesn’t really look the part any more but he still brings it, as witnessed by his in-store at Monster a couple years back.


Carolina Confessions, Marcus King Band (Oct. 5)
Marcus is another of the young hotshot guitar slingers that come around every few years. He’s smokin’ and without the pretention. Pure swampy Southern rock. —Galen Hudson