Graveface Records

Be on the lookout for these brand new release recommendations from Graveface Records (724 King St.) and Monster Music & Movies (946 Orleans Rd.) over the next two weeks.

Marshmallow Ghosts and the Spooky Sideshow, The Marshmallow Ghosts (Oct. 19)
We have a Halloween band in-house called Marshmallow Ghosts and have released albums by them for a decade. This year is the 10th anniversary and it’s a doozy! Complete with a 36-page comic and 12-inch LP. Perfect for Halloween.


Halloween Original Soundtrack, John Carpenter (Oct. 19)
I’m excited to see the new flick and I’m sure the OST will be great. Super cool that they chose Charleston to film in (especially the neighborhood right across from Graveface!).


Music Inc, Music Inc (Oct. 19)
Essential reissue of this Strata classic. Tolliver is ze best!

Ryan Graveface, owner

Monster Music & Movies


Anthem of the Peaceful Army, Greta Van Fleet (Oct. 19)
Nineteen-20 year olds who sound exactly like Zeppelin, while actually sounding fresh and vibrant, not just another retro wannabe. Will they live up to the hype?


Cloud Symbols, Graham Parker (Oct. 12)
Been a fan of Graham since the MTV days, and 1979’s “Squeezing Out Sparks.” Grittier than Elvis Costello but commonly associated with him.


Wasteland, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (Oct 12)
Sludgy, mesmerizing psych-rock. What’s not to like?

Galen Hudson, owner