[image-1]By now, you’ve heard all about Anthony Weiner’s latest little scandal and the little alter-ego he created called Carlos Danger. But did you know that Weiner isn’t the only big-time political figure to adopt a sext-happy secret identity? Well, it’s true. Read on.

Lindsey Graham  Ham Biscuits

Harry Reid  Meekly Reider

Nancy Pelosi  Dominatrixie Rex

Diane Feinstein  One Fein D’lite

Mark Sanford  Mark

Jim DeMint  Dr. No

Rand Paul  Aqua Buddha Boy Toy

Chris Christie  Baby Cakes

Ted Cruz  Danger Zone

Jim Clyburn  The Burninator

Elizabeth Warren  Cherokee Princess

Al Franken  No Seriously I’m Al Franken

Marco Rubio  A Tall Drink of Water

Rick Perry  Ranch Hand

Tim Scott  Jim DeMint

Hillary Cllnton  Snap Dragon

Bill Clinton  Cuddles

Eric Holder  Ron Mexico

Joe Biden  Username