South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster is the latest Palmetto State gubernatorial candidate to release a statement following Sunday night’s healthcare vote. And he’s vowing to take on Uncle Sam in court.

The health care legislation Congress passed last night is an assault against the Constitution of the United States. It contains various provisions and federal mandates that are clearly unconstitutional and must not be allowed to stand.

The key question involved is whether personal freedom, state sovereignty and constitutional law will survive in America for future generations.

A legal challenge by the States appears to be the only hope of protecting the American people from this unprecedented attack on our system of government.

As your attorney general, I have sworn an oath to uphold and defend both the United States and South Carolina constitutions. I therefore intend to challenge the constitutionality of this profoundly unwise legislation. I expect attorneys general from other states to participate in this challenge, and we will take our case to the United States Supreme Court if necessary.

After soliciting a campaign donation from email recipients, McMaster then has this to say:

Our way of life in America is literally under assault by a crowd of ultra-liberal politicians in Washington. In the months ahead, this struggle for freedom will require tested leaders with the courage to act and the ability to win. I ask you to stand with me.

Hmm. Which way of life would that be Henry? The one where it’s OK for a guy to be a member of an all-white country club and serve as South Carolina’s attorney general … and then think he’s got a shot at the governor’s office?

If that’s the way of life you’re talking about Henry — you were until very, very recently a member of such a club — then I say bring on the battering rams.