Jimmy Dengate’s, Moe’s Downtown Tavern, Egan and Sons — like Madonna, the space at 5 Cumberland St. keeps reinventing itself. And if we had to compare (which we do) we’d say its next iteration is akin to the pop star’s “Don’t Tell Me” phase. You know, when Madge ditched the British accent, donned a cowboy hat, and boot scooted her way through a country-twinged tune.

Five Cumberland has done the same — gone are the Irish accents of Egan and Sons pub. In their place: rough-hewn wood walls and a honky tonk flair (at least as far as we could see peeking through the window the other day). We’re told the restaurant will open any day now as a barbecue joint, and we have the new name: Cumberland Street Smokehouse 

“Our focus is barbecue, bourbon, and local beer,” explains general manager Kristen Leahy. But the destination’s pulled pork accompaniments won’t favor any specific region. “We’ll have all the different sauces on the table,” says Leahy. 

Egan and Sons chef Kyle Yarbrough (formerly of La Fourchette) has also stayed on as well and will bring the ‘que to Cumberland. “We built a smoker out back,” adds Leahy. “I did all that by myself.” As it turns out, Leahy is a master carpenter and installed all the details from the sauce caddies to the chandeliers.  

Look for Cumberland Street Smokehouse to officially open soon.