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Former Food & Wine editor and Speaking Broadly podcast host Dana Cowin recently launched a website called Giving Broadly, which honors the work of more than 40 female entrepreneurs including Lillie’s of Charleston owner Tracey Richardson and Red Clay Hot Sauce co-owner Molly Fienning

Cowin, 60, served as editor-in-chief of Food & Wine for 21 years, stepping down in 2015 to eventually start Speaking Broadly, a podcast that shares the stories of women in the food and beverage industry through intimate interviews conducted by Cowin. Giving Broadly is a branch of the podcast, and the online guide highlights products from women-owned brands.  

“It started simply enough. I was trying to both up my cooking game and support small businesses that I cared about,” Cowin said. “The dormant editor in me woke up and suddenly my quest to get out of my cooking rut turned into a scouting project. Every woman in this guide has confronted uncertainty and pushed through it for her family, for her culture, for the planet. While the world is upside down, these women help me look inside myself to search for what is invincible, unstoppable and true.”

Cowin has spoken at Charleston FAB, a conference for women in the hospitality industry, each year since it started in 2017, and two Charleston-based companies are featured on Giving Broadly: Lillie’s of Charleston and Red Clay Hot Sauce. 

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“Dana is an inspiration to and trailblazer for all women in the F&B space,” said Fienning. “Between her impressive tenure running Food & Wine magazine, her role on Top Chef and her awesome podcast Speaking Broadly, I’ve long been a big fan of hers. At Red Clay, we believe it’s our honor and responsibility to give back to our community and support the good others are building. This is so well aligned to Dana and her Giving Broadly mission that we didn’t even blink before saying yes to sign up for the inaugural group of female leaders.” 

Richardson | Photo provided

“I was very familiar with Dana Cowin and have been a huge fan for years,” said Richardson, who owns Lillie’s, a company that makes sauces and spices. “We started out being a 100% natural, clean ingredients producing company. Now, the industry has grown and risen up to meet the demand for products so many consumers have been wanting for years. It’s nice to be a part of today’s movement that widely celebrates women-owned companies in the industry. I’m very familiar with and support our local Charleston producers, especially all of my sisters in the industry.”

For more information and to view Cowin’s full guide, visit givingbroadly.com