When it comes to Fourth of July, most of us can’t keep our minds off the barbecue. If you’re heading out of town this holiday weekend, take advantage of the open road and stop by one of these legendary ‘cue shacks. You won’t be sorry you did — even if you have to drive 50 miles out of your way!

Scott’s Variety Store. Hwy 261. Hemingway. (843) 558-9927.

Whole hogs. Spicy vinegar sauce. Serious, historic business.

McCabe’s BBQ. 480 North Brooks St. Manning. (803) 435-2833.

An hour and a half drive worth making for the ribs and the string-like pulled pork that looks almost like pork spaghetti on the plate. Call before you go, to make sure they’ll be open.

Bub Sweatman’s BBQ. Highway 453, Eutawville. (803) 492-7543.

Famous, distinctive, wood-fired pork. Mustard or ketchup-based sauce.

Big T’s Bar-B-Q. 2520 Congaree Road. Gadsden. (803) 353-0488.

Visit the mother ship in Gadsden. In the middle of nowhere. Hash made from the hog’s head.

For more about S.C.’s hidden barbecue tradition, read Jeff Allen’s 2006 story . You can be sure not much has changed.