Apparently FOX News was salivating at the idea that Chelsea Clinton had left a fourth grader’s campaign question unanswered because the little girl had a press badge. They sent a car after the girl and put her on TV in an effort to trash the former first daughter.

She has interviewed numerous candidates, and she approached Chelsea with a question: whether former President Bill Clinton would make a good “first man” in the White House.

But Chelsea told her she does not talk to the press, and, according to The Associated Press, added: “and that applies to you, unfortunately, even though I think you’re cute.”

The story became big news on anti-Clinton blogs and today, Fox News sent a car to drive Sydney and her mother the two hours to Des Moines for an interview, where commentators proceeded to criticize Chelsea and accuse her of “dissing” the fourth-grader.

If you can believe it, FOX exaggerated the story and has little Sydney rethinking her career path.

“It was a bunch of lies,” Sydney said of the television coverage and the blogs. “Chelsea didn’t shun me, and she was actually really nice, but they put on that she was really mean.”

She said that she had asked Chelsea if she could take a picture with her. “She said, ‘Sure, I’d love that,’ and then she saw my press pass and said, ‘but I can’t answer any questions because you’re press.’”

What did Sydney think of her answer? “She treated me like I was a member of the press, and that’s okay because that’s how I wanted to be treated,” Sydney said. “I really didn’t mind.”

But now she is reconsidering her career. “I don’t want to be like those people,” she said.