As promised in my Sept. 29 column, here is Frank Heindel’s record and analysis of his ongoing efforts to find out what the hell is going on with South Carolina’s voting machines. This is a devastating critique of both the machines and the state and local bureaucrats who manage and defend them. Look for another column on this matter within a couple of weeks. But for now, see Heindel’s site at
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Citizen’s Audit of South Carolina’s Voting System October 2010

My name is Frank Heindel, I am a resident of Mt. Pleasant and a South Carolina voter. For the past several years, I have been interested in the voting process in South Carolina, especially the ES&S iVotronic electronic voting machines and the South Carolina State Election Commission. Our democracy depends on public participation and confidence in the electoral process.

After Alvin Greene’s unusual win over Vic Rawl in the 2010 Democratic Primary for the US Senate, my interest in our voting system intensified. I must state that I am not and have never been affiliated with either of the above named candidates. I am convinced that the ES&S iVotronic electronic voting machine is suspect at best and completely faulty at worst.

The body of this website documents the efforts I have made with the State Election Commission(SEC), the Charleston County Election Commission and others to obtain answers to my questions. I found my previous experience with the Freedom of Information Act to be helpful, but should point out I encountered major resistance obtaining certain documents and data. Since our current voting system lacks a verifiable paper trail, voting machine performance and system security were the two most critical items to examine.

Audit Logs of iVotronic machines-June 8, 2010 Primary in Charleston County, SC
E-mails obtained under FOIA-June 2010-September 2010
E-mail to Charleston County Election Commissioners-September 14, 2010
iVotronic machines-background
Legal issues
Media coverage-“Those aren’t palmetto bugs in our voting machines”, Charleston City Paper, September 29, 2010
“Gambling with Democracy-Experts Question Quality of South Carolina Voting Machines” Columbia Free Times- Corey Hutchins October 5,2010 10/13/10 Eleanor Hare letter to editor
Upcoming media – SC ETV “The Big Picture” airing October 14, 2010
Dan Rather Reports – Scheduled for late October
SC election officials hindering the release of public information.
SC’s voting machine certification process lacks credibility
Security Flaws
Why is the Palmetto Project the only vocal group to support our iVotronic machines? Let’s follow the money…..