It’s been a year since The Bagel Shop served its first bagel on George Street.

To mark the occasion, the bagelmakers will be giving out a bunch of free stuff all month long. Next Friday, Feb. 4 (their official anniversary), the first 100 customers who buy a bagel will get a coupon for a free one on their next visit. Not a bad deal. They’ll also be raffling off a free weekly bagel for an entire year.

The shop will be launching a new delivery service next week too, so if you’re not within walking distance, they’ll bring you your morning (or afternoon) fix. To encourage business, they’re giving away a platter of bagels (12, with cream cheese) to the 10th caller every day for a month. Sounds like pretty good odds on winning that one.

Go ahead and put 7:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 4 on your calendar. That’s when the crazy bagel giveaway begins.