[image-1]Alana Goodman, the Washington Free Beacon reporter who first broke the Jack Hunter neo-Confederate story, has released another, more damaging post about the one-time Southern Avenger.

What’s that, you ask? One-time, Southern Avenger?

Yup. Jack has announced that the Southern Avenger, the personality he first created back during his 96 Wave days, is no more. In an attempt to rebuild his damaged brand, Hunter has ditched the Southern Avenger, the very identity that got him to where he is today. 

But anyhow, back to Goodman and her post. Here’s what she reports:

The Free Beacon recently obtained a CD of pro-Confederate and racially charged commentary that Hunter recorded while working as a pro-secessionist shock jock.

The “Southern Avenger Smash Tracks: 20 Essentials, Vol. 1” was released in 2004. It included 20 of Hunter’s radio commentaries, and was available for purchase on his website for $10 until 2007.

“The sadistic policies and tactics of Abraham Lincoln destroyed the America of the Founding Fathers,” said Hunter in one track. “And as I gaze at the picture on my wall of my great-grandfather, who fought bravely against that sick bearded bastard, I still dream of what could have been—our glorious Confederate States of America. When the Southern Avenger sees a five-dollar bill, he sees Hitler.”

“The reason we Southerners remember the war is because it does matter—just like slavery, just like the Holocaust,” Hunter added. “The horror our people suffered should never be forgotten.”

But that’s not all. Goodman has another excerpt:

In another track, Hunter criticized then-NAACP President and former congressman Kweisi Mfume and director Spike Lee.

“The other complaint voiced by professional racist Spike Lee and NAACP Grand Wizard Kweisi Mfume is that the film [The Patriot] ignored the issue of slavery,” said Hunter. “Since race-baiters like Spike Lee and Kweisi Mfume base their whole identity on their victim status, and get upset when someone dares not cater to it, I have a solution for them

“Let’s convince the producers of the Patriot to reshoot a scene in which Spike Lee and Kweisi Mfume are both tied to trees while Mel Gibson whips the hell out of them,” Hunter continued. “Mr. Lee and Mr. Mfume will get the pity they so desperately desire, and millions of Americans—especially the Southern Avenger—will get a real kick out of watching them squirm.”

Ugh. I hadn’t heard those before, and frankly, they’re pretty embarrassing.

The thing is, Jack could have pulled off the Southern Avenger if he had the right comedic skills — he didn’t — and if the the views he espoused as the Southern Avenger weren’t, you know, his views. But they were. For Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger was a superhero alter-ego, a champion who fought the enemies that were trying so hard to keep white Southerners and the noble ideals of the Confederacy down.

All of this is why Jack Hunter is going to have dandy of a time rehabbing his image and anyone who associates with him will be asking for trouble. The Southern Avenger of the 96 Wave years was a toxic personality, and unless Jack Hunter offers a full repudiation of the opinions he expressed while the Southern Avenger, it will remain toxic to his career in mainstream politics.