It’s still summer (even if the little kids did go back to school today). The sun is shining. The waves are crashing. Kind of hard to believe that people are still going hungry. In our backyards, no less. To bring attention to the Lowcountry’s hunger crisis, Taco Boy at Folly Beach is holding a donation drive this week to benefit the Lowcountry Food Bank. Bring in three or more food items and get a free Tecate! Or if beer’s not your thing, you can get a free salsa trio.

And don’t even think about being greedy. There’s a one-per-day-per-person limit, and you’ve got to order some regular food items too. As a reward, they’ll enter customers who’ve donated into a raffle drawing to be selected at a customer appreciation event on Aug. 23 at 7:30 p.m.

The Friends of Folly drive will go on all week at 15 Center St. on Folly.