Like so many other smart phone users, I love Instagram. Being a visual artist, the application is a very handy and inspiring way to edit and share photos easily and save them for inspiration. I recently started printing my Instagrams, but I had a hard time deciding how to display them. I wanted to be able to easily switch the photos while also keeping up the ones I couldn’t part with. The solution: I made my own interchangeable Instagram frame.

Materials needed

• Two 36 inch long 1×8 inch wooden boards
• 8 oz. of wood stain and seal
• 8-10 Bulldog Clips with flat back
• sponge brush
• newspaper
• printed Instagram photos
• frame hanger or framing wire/screw set


1. Cover work area with newspaper. Shake wood stain and coat wooden boards according to directions on the can using a sponge brush to create even strokes. If you do not want the stained-wood look, you can use any type of acrylic paint and paint the boards.
2. Allow stain to dry and give wood a second coat if desired.
3. Once wooden boards are dry, measure equal space between each photo to attach Bulldog Clips. We printed our Instagram photos at 5×5 inches and spaced each clip six inches apart.
4. Use super glue or another strong adhesive to adhere the clips. Do not use Gorilla Glue, as it expands and will bubble out from your clips. Super glue should give you a nice, clean finish.
5. After you allow your glue to dry, turn boards over to attach the picture frame hanger or wire to hang the boards.
6. Lastly, clip up your photos. We like to switch ours every few months to include recent photos while keeping our favorites up.