[image-1] In addition to a week of events — from a student poetry show to an evening of dance — Free Verse Poetry Festival returns to Charleston with an entire month of public poetry. Starting today, Mon. Oct. 1, the city’s first poetry festival, now in its second year, presents poetry in public places around town. Look for ‘lost poems,’ words on windows, and poems on bikes now through Oct. 31.

Today we got a taste of what one of the ‘lost poems’ had to offer. Here’s how it works: be on the lookout for flyers that say, well, Lost Poem, and tear off one of the perforated tabs. Call the number on the paper and enjoy. Easy, right?

We listened to “Loyalty to the Flag” today, a poem written by Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer in the late 19th/early 20th century about the Civil War. When you call the number a voice answers, letting you know that you’ve reached the Lost Poem Recovery Center. To hear a poem for yourself simply dial (843) 300-1680.

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