This week it’s time to check in with your more spiritual side. No matter what philosophy you subscribe to, this week has freebies that will have you jumping for joy and singing Kumbaya.

MONDAY. If you’re looking to reach a higher level of consciousness on Monday, attend the Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Program, where you can learn the art and practice of mantras. These techniques will appeal to the scientifically minded too with a presentation of research verifying the benefits of the exercise like relaxation and stress reduction. Once in your calmed state of mind, enjoy a meandering around the James Island Community Markets, where you can find local food, farmers, and artisans.

TUESDAY. Raise your hands up high at the St. Luke’s Recital Series featuring Dr. William Gudger. The organist will have you saying, “Praise the sweet Lord baby Jesus!” in no time.

WEDNESDAY. Delve into your darker side at the 50 Shades Darker Party. Have your man don his best Christian Grey attire, as Generation X is looking for Charleston’s own version of the mysterious character. Not only is this event free, the first 95 attendees will receive a gift certificate worth up to $100.

THURSDAY. Feel connected to the rest of the world at the MundoVibe Weekly Listening Event where world, jazz and electronic music will fill Black Tap Coffee. Or, gather for poetry and short story readings at Third Thursdays.

FRIDAY. If you prefer aestheticism to asceticism, get all gussied up at the Style Bar Grand Opening. Tabula Rasa is unveiling Charleston’s version of the country’s new blow dry bar trend, where “if you a fly gal” you can get your hair and your makeup did at this one stop primp station. Also, gospel singers and Christian artists will showcase their talents at the Gospel Artist Showcase.

SATURDAY. They say singing is the best therapy, so join other locals to sing old-time hymns and camp meeting songs at the Sacred Harp Singing event. But if all this earthling nonsense bores you, sign up for the auditions for Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Actors 18 and up can assume their finest extraterrestrial impressions at this tryout for this stage version of the 1960s B-movie.

SUNDAY. Get in touch with the muses before the MOJA Arts Festival Juried Arts Exhibition to support your favorite regional artists.