TUESDAY. For Cod and Country isn’t your average cook book. In it, chef Barton Seaver takes the fish from the ecosystem to the dinner plate with an emphasis on the role of sustainable fishing. After such a big day, you’ll probably feel a little tired, but don’t head home, because Sleepy Eye Giant will play the Recovery Room starting at 9 p.m.

WEDNESDAY: Feeling a little whiny today? Kiawah and Seabrook Islands will give you something to wine about: the lack of volunteers in Wadmalaw and John’s Island public schools. They’ll even give you cheese to go with it. All you have to do is show up to the Edufest and learn how to help out. You can see a free screening of Little Town of Bethlehem, a film about three men of different religions in Israel and Palestine. It may not be the first tale of three wise men, but in a time of violence and turmoil, it’s never been so relevant.

THURSDAY. Let your inner-gardener grow at Garden in the Parks, where volunteers will help landscape the Brittlebank Park’s main entrance. Get there at 8 a.m. with your own pruners, garden gloves and a bucket. Laugh, marvel, and listen during Clips of Faith, a screening of short films hosted by New Belgium Brewing to benefit Charleston Moves. They’ll be serving 14 different beers, but those will cost you.  And the Beehive wants you to bee ahead of the trend. They’re bringing together five unrepresented artists never to showcase their work at the Terrace Theater in Buzzworthy.

FRIDAY. Without a shadow of a doubt, we think you should get your copy of A Lonely Shadow signed by silhouette artist Clay Rice. You can even call ahead to get one of his custom-cut silhouettes if you’ve got some cash to shell out. The To Catch a Sparrow or Net a Fox art show will open with a reception to celebrate new art by Lisa Shimko, Lisa Abernathy, Sarah Boyts Yoder, and Hirona Matsuda. 

SATURDAY. Records may not be as easy to listen to as MP3s, but they certainly make for better collectables. Monster Music will celebrate their love for vinyl at the Charleston Record Expo, where regional collectors will be selling music merchandise of all sorts and decades. If you end up spending money here, partake in the free live performances by Joel Hamilton, the Explorers Club, the Shaniqua Brown, and Subterranean Blue Minds afterward.

SUNDAY. Another moving film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, will be shown in Park Circle to tell the encouraging tale of how women’s strength repaired a war-torn Liberia.