The long awaited fall season is here. Luckily, the weather is finally starting to catch up, so get outside and enjoy all the free events Charleston has to offer this week

Monday Hear regional poets and writers perform their literary talents at 7 Café

Tuesday Sneak away and class up you lunch hour at St. Luke’s Recital Series

Start preparing for the month of beer festivals at Holy City Brewing’s Oktoberfest party.

Head to Bakehouse and see if you should audition for the next season of American Idol at the open mic night. 

Wednesday Everyone loves a block party, which is good since MOJA is hosting one.

By Wednesday, if you’re like us, your brain is probably feeling a little fatigued. Exercise it at Kickin’ Chicken‘s team trivia night.

Thursday Go to the opening of the Charles DeSaussure Memorial Exhibition Through My Eyes. Or get your art on at the Annual Redux Studio Artists Exhibit Opening Reception in North Charleston.

Celebreality stalk at the Harbor Club when Tribble Reese from Bravo’s The Real Atlanta pours you a drank.

Fashion is rarely free. Take advantage of the free fashion show — and chance to get dolled up — at the #OMG Fashion Party.

Pull a Jessica Day (a.k.a. Zooey Deschanel from New Girl) and sing talk  at Mt Pleasant’s Kickin’ Chicken’s Trivioke.

Friday It’s time for First Fridays again — stop by the Robert Lange Studio to see Nathaniel Durfee’s new exhibit.

When else are you going to get a chance to learn some Swahili for free?

Stop by the Folly Beach Farm and Artist Market to browse — and maybe taste test a sample or two.

Saturday Instead of hitting up IHOP, go to the International Family Festival. We can assure you it’ll be far more cultural.

Guy Harvey‘s going to be at Palmetto Moon signing autographs. Seeing him is free, but you’re probably going to need to buy something if you want his John Hancock.

If your funds are pointing to brokity-broke, head to Closed for Business for its Oktoberfest festivities and let the over-indulgers entertain you for free.

Sunday Another year, another MOJA. Bid farewell to the festival at the finale in Hampton Park.

Get some laughs in at Big Gun Burger Shop‘s comedy night.