It’s been ridiculously rainy and humid this summer, but you know who’s not letting that get them down? The kids. So, let’s live these last days of summer vacation like they do — and on their allowance budget.

Monday Grab your kids and head to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. They’re letting children and their families in for free starting at 10:30 a.m.

The only thing cooler than a drive-in movie theater is a bike-in movie. After a group ride through Avondale, enjoy PeeWee’s Big Adventure and E.T. the Extraterrestrial at the Tin Roof.

Tuesday The American Board is giving a free lecture on how to become a certified teacher in South Carolina.

Are you an MUSC member? Take a free beginners class on the Argentine Tango. Your friends will be very impressed when you break out into a tango at the clubs this weekend.

Monster Music & Movies is having a listening party and happy hour. Not only can you peruse the merchandise during the storewide sale, but you can enjoy a free slice of pizza while you do so. 

Wednesday Wednesday’s looking like another day of rain. Rainy days are the best movie days, so head out to Sewee Center’s kids’ movie of the week.

Grab your bow and arrow, get your hair as frizzy as possible, and use that Scottish accent you’ve secretly been practicing. It’s time to get Brave

If it’s still raining at night, there’s always the weekly dose of team trivia: downtown at Sticky Fingers and Kickin’ Chicken, as well as the Kickin Chickens in Summerville and in Mt. Pleasant.

Thursday As dreamlike and whimsical as the Holy City can seem, it isn’t Neverland. Robbi Amick is a Holy City local who has her own interpretation of Peter Pan’s hometown in her exhibit called A Flamingo with Lagoons Flying Over It.

If salsa the dance is as good as salsa the snack, then Southend Brewery’s Salsa Night should be a spicy time. Come out for a free salsa lesson at 10 p.m.

There’s nothing quite like showing up to work on Friday with a hangover. With bingo at Castaways Grille on James Island, more Bingo at Kickin’ Chicken in Summerville, team trivia at Manny’s Neighborhood Grille in West Ashley, and Trivioke at Kickin’ Chicken in Mt. Pleasant, there’s no excuse to stay home on Thursday night. 

Friday Johns Island Library is having a book sale. If you can’t find enough spare change in your seat cushions to buy a book ($1-$3), sign up for a library card and check one out.

Rather than staying in with your new book, why don’t you head down to Market Street for the Evening Art Market or see Eddie Stonaker on his last night playing at the Kickin’ Chicken in West Ashley. 

Saturday With Louie’s Kids’ saturday morning workout in Hampton Park and RIDEdwin, a community bike ride in honor of Edwin Gardner at Cannon Park, your weekend will be off to a healthy and happy start.

What’s it like to be a baby loggerhead sea turtle? Sewee Center’s tell-all shares the life and adventures of turtles to help you find out.

In the case of a hurricane, stock up on cheap beer and coloring books, right? Home Depot is hosting a hurricane preparedness workshop to make sure you’re ready. 

Sunday Mary Alice Monroe will be signing copies of her new book, The Summer Girls, at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery.

It’s Sunday Phunday at the Pour House. Enjoy 2 full sets of Phish covers by The Buddhist Prodigies starting at 6 p.m.

Question: what do you do if you missed all the other trivia nights this week? Answer: Go to Manny’s Neighborhood Grille in West Ashley. They’ve got trivia starting at 8 p.m.