Newsflash Charleston, event season is quickly approaching. Between Spring Jam, Charleston Fashion Week, and Charleston Wine + Food Festival, we’d strongly suggest pinching some pennies if you want to get in on all the action ahead. This doesn’t have to give your social life a death sentence, there’s plenty of free activities in the neighborhood.

Monday Tanya Boggs is is bringing passed away animals life again in her taxidermy — of sorts — art exhibit, Incarnation.

Charleston cemeteries are pretty fascinating, but let’s face it, downright creepy. For those willing to overlook the creepiness, an archaeologist is speaking at the Charleston County Public Library on our town’s mysterious cemeteries.

Hear music professionals drop the beat on what it’s really like. Music industry producers for Darius Rucker, Manchester Orchestra, and other performers will be speaking at the College of Charleston.

Celebrate Black History Month with Burke High School’s variety night. Black History Through the Eyes of Our Youth will feature song, dance, and the spoken word.

Tuesday King Dusko’s open mic night, The Un_Spoken Word, is in need of your self expression. Come by and shares poems, music or stories.

Cuban artist Mariel Acosta’s Pieces will be display for all to see at the Charleston Country Public Library. The solo exhibition’s inspiration follows all the cities Acosta has called home.

Being called a feminist isn’t an insult, ya’ll. Come bask in the beauty of equality with the College of Charleston’s women and gender studies program. Yes! I’m a Feminist will include food, drinks, live music, and a special guest appearance from CofC president, George Benson.

Wednesday Join guided mediation at Bridge to Avalon for some mid-week clarity.

Mac’s Place trivia night could earn you bragging rights at the office the following morning.

Thursday Celebrity stylist Alexandra Munzel has quite the fashion resume which includes the name of a little rag known as Vogue. Check out the outcome of Munzel’s collaboration with Charleston boutiques when you come to Tabbuli Thursday night.

Free and beer may be the two most glorious words ever. Total Wine wants you to come taste eight different craft-brewed beers.

Come out and discuss the locally grown movement with all its supporters at Jericho Advisors.

Pottery is the word at the Meeting Place. Pamela Steele’s new twist on an old tradition contains a variety of clay pieces to wonder at.

Friday Check out the George Gallery‘s newest artists Tim Hussey and Melinda Mead Sharstein.

Charleston craft makers will be setting up shop at the Folly Beach Farm and Artist Market.

Saturday These vocally gifted chicks are traveling all the way from Ohio University to spread their musical glee.

Participate in Isle of Palm‘s take on Mardi Gras.

Sunday You don’t have to be a supporter of the NRA to enjoy this gun show. Laugh it up with Dusty Slay at this Big Gun comedy night.