SnOMG. WInter is upon us and making Charleston cancel things left and right. Why not use those free days to do something free? We thought you’d like that.

Monday Darius Rucker and Cary Ann Hearst are giving a lecture about songwriting.

Tuesday Snow days make us want to throw snow balls and drink hot chocolate. Since we probably won’t get any snow we’ll just throw our heads around at a metal show and drink PBR when Godwin Falcon plays at the Recovery Room.

The Jewish Community Center’s Homegrown Talent Series presents author Leonard Goldberg. Hear him discuss his latest book Plague Ship,

Wednesday One way to stay warm is to dance. Why not try Prohibition‘s free swing dance lessons?

Practice some meditation at Bridge to Avalon (donations are accepted).

Thursday Hear some of Theatre 99’s comedians practice their new jokes at Blast Off?

The Cocktail Club and Striped Pig Distillery have teamed up for some free cocktails.

Play some trivia at Manny‘s

If you think windmills are tilting enemies like Don Quixote, then you probably should head to the lecture at the main library to learn more about windmills in South Carolina.

Friday Sometimes our favorite part of our days are the Google doodles. Go to the opening reception at the Halsey to see what it might be like to live inside of one.

It’s Yo Burrito‘s last night.

Saturday Hear the African children’s choir all grown up.

Do some good and help clean the Francis Marion forest.

Sunday Bake up some Super Bowl treats and head to How Art Thou? Cafe for a potluck party.