TUESDAY.  Start off your Tuesday feeling responsible. First, take care of your heart by getting checked with Free Ankle Brachial Index Screenings. Then take care of your wallet with the first day of the workshop Social Security Planning: What Boomers Need to Know to Maximize Retirement Income. After you’re done feeling responsible, go lose it and head bang at the Hooded Eagle show, or check out the Whiskey Diablo anniversary show.

WEDNESDAY. Who let the dogs out? Let your chest go free, and donate your bras at the Free the Girls Bra Benefit. If you don’t own a bra, you’re literate, and you like free refreshments, head over to Huger’s Place for Mr. Potts & Me: The Power of Storytelling Book Release. Then hear some gritty music by Continental, the new band of Rick Barton from the Dropkick Murphys. Or for a more chill, funky vibe, go to the Pour House to hear tunes by bands Artofficial and Reckoning.

THURSDAY. Get ready to save your Friday for recovery. Social commentary abounds at the screening of the documentary The Loving Story, with a chance to see the producer of the film. Don’t worry, the entertainment isn’t even close to ending — the Y’all Entertainment Launch Party will host live performances for all ages at Home Team BBQ. Stick around to hear some new music from Davis Coen.

FRIDAY. Oh, did we say you’d save today to recover? We lied. The Mill is having their Five-Year Anniversary party all day and night. Get ready for a smorgasboard of live music. And since you were at Home Team last night, you’ll get a chance to see the Fairy God Muthas, who you missed at the Sparrow. Winning.

SATURDAY. Tired of parties yet? Well that’s unfortunate because we’re still raging, and today, it’s the life aquatic. Well, sort of. The Daniel Island Pier will be hosting Sea Ray of Charleston AquaPalooza 2012. Live music and boats will dominate. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Bill Murray.

SUNDAY. If you can’t make it through another day of partying, end your week the way you started it: responsibly. Chill intelligently at the documentary screening Triple Header: Patriocracy. True party monsters can hit up the all-day HoM One-Year Birthday Party. Congratulations, fellow ragers, you may need 48 hours of rest, but you made it out alive.