Now that Christmas is over and done with, and all that wonderful holiday cheer and crap has been crushed by the cold weather, you’re realizing that you spent way too much money on gifts this year. Start saving your money (we know it’s going to be your New Year’s resolution) with these free events.

Monday. Kevin E. Taylor returns to Charleston for the SK843 Reunion with Matter, FLK, and Alfred Hawkins at Voodoo.

Tuesday. Christmas is over, but Kwanzaa is in full swing. Check out the Kwanzaa Festival at St. Julian Devine Community Center; it has a parade, African drumming, and dancing. That night, see FolkGrass at the Tattooed Moose.

Wednesday. The Mill hosts the Misfit Toys art show, with works by Justin Cammer, Phillip Hyman, Sean McMillan, and more inspired by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and toys from the Island of Misfits.

Friday. Since you’re probably going to be spending a lot of money on champagne and other libations, you might want to find a New Year’s Eve event that doesn’t come with a cover. Take a gander at our New Year’s Eve listings for all of the city’s parties.

Saturday. We can pretty much guarantee that Saturday will be cold, which is exactly what all the brave Polar Plungers are hoping for. There’s Dunleavy’s plunge on Sullivan’s and Snapper Jack’s plunge on Folly. It’s free to watch the participants freeze their asses off, but you should bring some cash with you, since both events are fundraisers for great causes.

Sunday. Elite Dance in Mt. Pleasant hosts a grand opening celebration with wine and hors d’oeuvres, open dancing, dance performances, prizes, and more.