Arrrrrrghh is for Reality

With Charleston’s stunning defeat a few weeks back on The Bachelor (when all three of our girls were cast off on the same night) some may have worried that Charleston’s reality TV trend was dead. Fear not. We’ve still got a dog in this fight. Actually, it’s a pirate. Say hello to Pirate Master.

From the website:CBS last week introduced the 16 pirates who will compete in Pirate Master, the new reality-based series from Emmy Award-winning producer Mark Burnett, when the show premieres Thurs. May 31. Pirate Master will send 16 modern-day pirates on a high seas adventure, where they will live as buccaneers and travel around the Caribbean island of Dominica in search of hidden treasure that will total $1 million.”

Contestants include Ben Fagan, 23, of Charleston. The website has an interview with Ben; he seems like a good kid in a really silly pirate outfit. The CBS website notes that Fagan is a USC grad with a business and marketing degree. He’s a musician and holds a black belt in Kung Fu.

Through the magic of MySpace, we even found a picture and this description of Mr. Fagan.

“About me: Your typical crazy ass young feller, livin the dream. Life is good when you are surrounded with the best people on the planet. Live hard and jam out like a rockstar.

Who I’d like to meet:

My other personality. The other Ben Fagan.”

Take from that what you will. Check out Press Time, the City Paper news blog, for Pirate Master episode recaps at beginning May 31. —Greg Hambrick

CP Blogs Explode

Speaking of blogging, you may have noticed that the City Paper recently turned the gas up on our own weblog profile. Our staff-wide blog, The Back Channel, recently migrated from TypePad onto a new fully customizable WordPress platform and sprouted nine siblings. Every writer and editor here now has his or her own blog. Go to to take a gander. They include news writer Greg Hambrick’s Press TIme (see above), music editor Ballard Lesemann’s Feedback File, editor Stephanie Barna’s Too Much Information, staff writer Stratton Lawrence’s The Truffula Seed, webmaster Joshua Curry’s Lucid Beaming, and listings editor Sara Miller’s Holy City, Batman! My own Unscripted column has become an arts and film/TV blog, and of course our seasonal Spoleto Buzz blog — now in its fourth year — has been jumping with posts for weeks now, and it’s only gonna get busier as the season descends on us in coming weeks.Stay tuned, and stay subscribed. —Patrick Sharbaugh