It was unwelcome news for us here in the Screen section last week. Weekly Geekly columnist Holly Burns — she of the toffee-colored hair, British accent, and peripatetic lifestyle (she recently moved from Charleston to San Francisco via Southeast Asia, if you didn’t know this already by following her insanely popular expat blog Nothing But Bonfires) announced that she’d be signing off as of this issue (see her final column on page 44).

Holly, readers might recall, is our second Geekly writer to move away. She took over the column four months ago, when she heard this editor’s wail of columnist-less frustration as far away as Singapore, where she was living large on the family dole with her boyfriend Sean in between jobs. She graciously stepped into said position and performed admirably, even spectacularly, as a regular commentator on the ephemera and curiosities of online culture circa 2007.

To be fair, Holly’s once again employed full-time, and between work, doting over her boyfriend, and recapping the infinite minutiae of The Bachelor each week, she’s pretty busy. So we can understand.

We even saw it coming. A few weeks ago, Holly included a short note with her column that said she felt like she was running out of ideas for the column. Say what? The Internet. Web 2.0. Eleventy-seven billion websites and blogs starting up daily. And she was running out of ideas? When we read that, we thought, “That’s like a girl walking into the Annual Doctors Who Are Also Models With Great Senses of Humor Convention and saying she doesn’t see anyone she’s interested in. That girl is clearly dating someone full-time. And so it was. Though in this case, Holly’s new squeeze is employer and timesuck

The upshot: We’re looking for a new Weekly Geekly columnist. We’re seeking someone with an irreverent and witty but smart writing style who can make regular, entertaining columns out of observing modern online culture. Someone who can parse the curious sociology of online life today and the places where it intersects with pop culture and our notions of ourselves — without ever taking itself too seriously. In short, we want the Weekly Geekly to be an ongoing commentary about the culture of online life as increasing numbers of Charlestonians are experiencing it — as an intimate and indispensable part of their waking hours.

Drop us a note if you think you’ve got what it takes. Fame, glory, beer money, and a regular opportunity to vent about spammers and porn. What more could a columnist ask for?