[image-1] Germaine Jenkins and Fresh Future Farm have hit impressive milestones in their mission to bring food to the Chicora/Cherokee neighborhood in North Charleston. Their latest challenge is raising enough money to purchase the farm. They’re on their way, but the urban farm still isn’t theirs.
[content-1] Come this August, the community also has the opportunity to attend the Will & Erika Allen Brunch fundraiser, the Future of Food Access. On Sun., Aug. 6 from 8:30 am. to 11 a.m. Fresh Future Farm is offering a tour of the Farm and Store, holding a discussion/Q&A, and hosting a brunch all for a $250 pledge on the Claim our Roots Kickstarter campaign.

As of now, Fresh Future Farm has reached nearly half of their $60,000 goal. Get involved and help the impoverished communities in Charleston, SC by taking a stand for food justice. Find more about Germaine Jenkins’ mission at freshfuturefarm.org and back the campaign, which runs through Aug. 23.