Anson’s Kevin Johnson sent me a picture of one of the piggies he butchered for the Food + Wine festival and tells us he’s already “dismantled” one of the pigs he got in today. Stop by Anson if you want to see what interesting things they might be doing with the trotters and such this weekend. He says they’ll have B.L.T. – using pork belly — roulade of pig’s head, trotter cakes, chops, slow-cooked shoulder, and liver terrine.

Or, if lamb is your thing, Chef Jason Houser at Muse spent Wednesday afternoon butchering a fresh lamb straight from the farm. You can expect the specials menu to be chock full of lamb dishes

Here are some pictures. If you prefer your meat to come wrapped up in a styrofoam tray, then move on. I, for one, appreciate the skill that goes into butchering these beasts. There’s also a certain respect that these chefs pay to these animals when they choose to accept whole hogs and break them down themselves. It seems much more respectful for Sean Brock at McCrady’s to use the animals that he’s caringly raised on his farm than to use products from an inhumane meat mill where the animals are mistreated and ultimately disrespected.

Anson's pig, which was butchered and presented at their F+W booth
Jason Houser at Muse gets to work on the leg o' lamb