Starting this week, I’ll be doing a Friday movie wrap up of what’s in theaters, both nationally and locally. Mostly, I will be making snarky comments about the movies that I think look terrible and pumping up the ones I’d actually go see myself. Here goes:

Season of the Witch. I don’t know what’s a bigger problem for Hollywood: The fact that Hollywood keeps giving Nicolas Cage keeps making cheesy epic adventure films or that he continues to agree to be in them?

Country Strong. I can’t tell if this movie is about Gwyneth or if it’s about that chick from Gossip Girl or if it’s about the young guy that I don’t recognize. What I do know is that I don’t want to listen to country music, much less watch a film about it.

A Night of Shorts. Park Circle kicks off the year with a shortened version of their biannual Lowcountry Shorts Fest. Each of the films seems to have a dark bent. Afloat, by Ken Cohen, is about a homeless man who receives car keys from a mysterious woman, who then disappears into the ocean. Lincolnville is a Lowcountry-set vampire flick. Enough said. And new to the lineup is Last Confession, about a young Catholic priest’s last day in the priesthood. 

And if you’d rather fulfill some in-front-of-the-camera fantasies, homeboy Darius Rucker is filming a music video tonight at Sullivan’s Island, at the Gazebo next to the Fire and Rescue building (2050 Middle St.). Get there at 5 p.m.