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S.C. Sens. Brad Hutto, D-Orangeburg, and Sandy Senn, R-Charleston, staged a walkout from a committee hearing, delaying two abortion-related bills, including one that would ban all abortions in South Carolina if the U.S. Supreme Court says states can do so. More: Associated Press, The Post and Courier

Meanwhile, the Idaho Senate approved a GOP bill to ban abortion at six weeks while the Florida Senate passed a similar bill banning abortion at 15 weeks. More: The Washington Post 

In other headlines:

Russian forces advancing across Ukraine, seize nuclear power plant. Ukraine accused Russia of attacking Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, setting off a blaze and causing global alarm. The fire is out and there was no immediate indication of a rise in radiation levels, according to international monitors, but the attack was a sign of Russian forces’ gains across the nation. More: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The State 

U.S. Marine jet crashes on former governor’s family property. A U.S. Marine Corps fighter jet crashed on former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford’s family property near Beaufort. The pilot and co-pilot, who were aboard the plane that had just taken off from the nearby air station, were both uninjured. More: The Post and Courier, The State 

S.C. Senate moves forward bill to break up S.C. health agency. South Carolina senators are set to consider a proposal to break up the state’s health and environmental affairs agency into two separate departments. More: Associated Press, The State 

North Charleston police using community walkthrough to help curb gun violence. The North Charleston Police Department, alongside other community leaders, are working together to build stronger relationships in neighborhoods impacted by gun violence. More: WCBD TV

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