Photo by Jared Bramblett

Redux Contemporary Art Center is welcoming the Friends of Gadsden Creek into its gallery space for an exhibition to raise awareness around the group’s cause: development along the Ashley River near the city’s historic Westside neighborhood.

As a community-led campaign comprised of business owners, area residents and leaders in the community, The Friends of Gadsden Creek aims to protect Gadsden Creek and the nearby Gadsden Green community, which has been impacted by continued development. The ultimate goal of the organization currently is to prevent Gadsden Creek from being filled and revitalize the nearby area’s wetlands.

The group promises a “hybrid” exhibition that allows supporters to showcase the issues at hand and raise awareness.

“As Charleston citizens, how do we respond to our city’s legacy of structural racism and urban development that threatens to leave our most vulnerable citizens underwater and without access to dignified housing?” the organization stated in a press release.

The exhibit, titled Tidal Futures: Friends of Gadsden Creek, will be on display July 30-Sept. 11. An opening ceremony will be held at Redux July 30 from 5-8 p.m.

Tidal Futures will incorporate an array of different mediums and visual aids including installations to tackle the subject of environmental racism and demonstrate the intersection of art and social justice implications.

Tidal Futures: Friends of Gadsden Creek invites visitors to engage with a living archive of environmental racism that assembles historical crimes and current-day battles alike,” stated Friends of Gadsden Creek. “By highlighting an ongoing issue, this hybrid of installation, programming and mutual aid invites visitors to dive into the consequences of the largest development in Charleston’s history, and take steps towards ending cycles of violence and imagining alternative futures.”

Visitors can view the exhibit at the Redux Contemporary Art Center Tuesdays-Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment.