[image-2]Thanks to the Twitterazzi, we have a solid idea now of what Anthony Bourdain and Sean Brock’s Charleston buddy comedy may hold. Looking like a modern day Mutt and Jeff, since Tuesday night, the television host and celebuchef have been racing around the city drinking, mixed martial artsing, and Bill Murray-meeting. Here’s a recap of all the spots they’ve hit up:

Tuesday night: 
As we posted Wednesday, Brock and Bourdain joined Charleston Brown Water Society member and seemingly omnipresent bearded scenester Greg “Bear” Barrow at The Griffon for a rousing Irish Car Bomb Race. After Brock handily won, the crew headed for some late night eats at Highway 17’s Waffle House. There Karee Keefer White, the wife of Waffle House’s district manager, overheard the two examining the finer details of the South’s culinary history.
Brock and Bourdain met up with Gullah-Geechee Chef BJ Dennis. The location is unknown, but we’re guessing Dennis shared his family’s culinary traditions. Then Brock and Bourdain hit the docks to meet Abundant Seafood’s Mark Marhefka.

It was all quiet on the Brock/Bourdain beat until The Grocery posted a picture of their sous chef, while podcast host Joseph Coker also did jiu-jitsu with the snarky chef. According to CP music editor Kelly Rae Smith, they discussed blood stains and worked up a sweat. 

But it was only a matter of time before the ultimate celeb trifecta gathered to break the Charleston internet: Tony, Bill Murray, and Danny McBride a.k.a. Kenny Powers hit up the RiverDogs. 

The men closed out the night by riding scooters to Husk where Executive Sous Chef Justin Cherry posted this picture at midnight. 


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So, where will BouBro hit up next? We’re thinking a hearty breakfast somewhere … If you spot ’em, let us know.