The weather has been lovely lately so I’ve been riding my bike to work. Twice this week, assholes in big trucks have tried to ruin my good vibe. Both times on Cypress Street, while pedaling along politely as far to the right as possible, I have been nearly run over by these macho douchebags. The first time, the dude revved his engine and sped as quickly as he could past me and around a turn. He nearly flipped his truck and I would have laughed if he had. The second time, an effing Mack Truck (no joke) made it a point to come over in my lane as much as possible. I just don’t get it. Why the hate? The worst part is I can’t even flick them off because then they might try even harder to kill me, and it wouldn’t be that difficult. So here’s my response. Fuck you, bike-haters.