Hailing from Asheville, The Fritz will bring their unique sound to Chucktown for a funky show at The Pour House this Wednesday, July 2.

Fans can look forward to new songs the quintet is experimenting with the moment, plus old favorites like “Oppenheim” off of the band’s 2013 release Bootstrap.  Guitarist and vocalist Jamie Hendrickson says the single is about the Manhattan Project and Robert Oppenheiner, who created the first atomic bomb. The song touches on how Oppenheiner viewed himself as a monster. Woods says though, “It can also be taken as a dropping bombs or a making-love thing … A lot of Jamie’s songs have that sort of ambiguity to them.”

Lately, the Fritz has been “testing new music to see what works, and tossing what doesn’t seem to fit,” Woods tells us. “We’ll probably be recording this winter and some of the things we have on stage now will be in the upcoming album. We like to say we’re kind of in pre-production mode, but we’re intensively writing… Really working on solidifying our sound.”