As a dog owner myself it bothers me to post such an observation but rude people need to be made aware apparently.
We were at 3 public events this past weekend, at which food was being served and the weather was hot and humid. At all 3 we encountered pet owners standing in food lines with their hot, miserable, fur flying pooches. Dog hair was clearing quite visible flying through the air and into the tents of food vendors. I have to say all dogs were long hairs and looked so pitiful panting in the awful heat.
Come on people, the food vendors have to wear hair restraints because no one wants hair in their food, not even dog hair!
Needless to say we left the lines but stayed to observe the pet owners all 3 times bought such goodies for themselves but not one measly bottle of water for their dogs! Not a single person!!
As I said we own a dog ourselves, and love to show her off as most people have never seen a Chocolate Dalmatian, so she draws crowds and comments that make us bust with pride BUT we also always consider her well being and the well being of others when attending a PUBLIC event.
So strut that white Husky or English Pit, but only when she and those around can be comfortable and its not a health hazard to either.