Michael Furlinger may have passed the reins of the Terrace Theater over to Paul Brown and Barbara Tranter earlier this year, but he’s coming back to lend a hand. Furlinger, a 25-year veteran of the business, will serve as film buyer for the James Island movie theater, as well as the couple’s other theater in upstate New York.

“Michael’s got a great grasp on really what works with the Terrace Theater,” Brown says, adding that him and his wife have a grounding in independent and international filmmaking and an ongoing understand of directors and their careers. “We thought the combination of the two would make a great way to go forward with the booking of the movies and the buying of the movies.”

The job entails figuring out what movies the Terrace will show and when they will show them, and he serves as a negotiator between the theater and the studios, working out the terms of the exchanges. He’ll have to know the trends in film and deal with complaints and frustrations.

Since it’s basically a behind-the-desk job, Furlinger will still be present at his newest venture, Sweet Gourmet. Oddly enough, this isn’t a job Furlinger does at his Hippodrome theater. “It’s always good to have the distance between the exhibitor and the studio” to prevent friction, Brown says.