Saturday night’s Furry Affair at the Memminger was the first event in Charleston where I’ve felt over-dressed. Remembering that last year’s event was a gala, I put on a shiny cocktail dress and heels and headed downtown. When I got there, most folks were in jeans and flip-flops — A tad embarrassing for someone obsessed with always dressing appropriately. The food, catered by Tristan, was a bit sparse by the time I got there (an hour after it started), but delicious — you can’t beat a chocolate fountain. The mild vibe extended to the drinks — a wild party this was not. Refreshingly, this event was all about raising money for the animals, by selling art and fire hydrants painted by local celebs. How can you complain about the lack of food and booze when you know all that money saved goes toward the Charleston Animal Society? You just can’t. Organizers are still waiting on the final numbers, but they say the event was a huge success.


Organizer Kay Hyman recycled an old billboard to make the backdrop for the auction.


Some of Tristan’s scrumptious goodies.


Some of the local celeb-designed fire hydrants.


Local DJ Brooke Ryan tries to sell her pretty-in-pink hydrant.