It amazes me that when otherwise normal sane people enter even the parking lot of a warehouse store ( Costco, Sam’s) every shred of politeness and courtesy flys out of their pointy little heads. ( Doesn’t seem to happen at Lowe’s or Home Depot)
Case in point:
1. Race To The Entrance. They run like idiots to the front door like everthing will be gone only to stop at the entrance and THEN start diging for their membership card holding up others that have their card out and ready for ID.
2. Free Sample Grazing. Depending on the day of the week there may be 4 to12 free sample stations. All fine and good except for when the “GRAZERS” snag a free sample they stand there scarfing up the prize with no regard to how much aisle space they are taking up. Blocking others from passing let alone purchasing items from the freezer case. AND they just don’t do this at one station, but go from one to the next having their lunch piece by piece.
3. Run Down and Aisle and Grab One thing. Again, fine and good, but when you leave your cart blocking the entrance to the aisle or worse yet, blocking every one from traveling down the main aisle this leads to a pile up!
4. Cell Phone Talkers and Gaggle Shoppers. Cell phone drivers are bad enough,, but in a crowded store it is even worse. Stopping and starting, crawling along, left, right, you can’t get around them much like the Gaggle Shoppers.
Gaggle shoppers are usually women planning some type of event. Too busy talking about anything but what they need or consulting a list to be alert enough to stay on their side of the aisle. I have ran into more than one blockade of people that even though you are standing there patiently they make no effort to move over. Usually they do notice you with a glance or a look, but keep on with the mundane, senseless, and silly conversation of the moment.
I try to be a cosiderate shopper,, watching where my cart is and location of other shoppers, not blocking their way. Helping someone load something heavy into their cart. I don’t partake of the free samples, but if I did, I would take my sample and move on.
Chances are who ever may read this will say ” Oh NO, not me”. Well, chances are you are the worst offenders!
Just be aware and considerate of other people around you.

-The Warehouse Store Phenom!