The Gaillard Municipal Auditorium called off a concert featuring Busta Rhymes and Big Boi (of OutKast fame) scheduled for Sunday evening late that afternoon because of a lack of ticket sales, according to the Gaillard’s executive director Cam Patterson. However, a representative for the show’s local promoter, Power Productions, cites other reasons for cancellation.

Head promoter Casey Power of Power Productions was unavailable for comment on Monday, and no statement has been released by Power Productions or the Gaillard.

On the Gaillard’s Facebook page at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, a status update was posted that read, “Big Boi & Busta Rhymes concert for tonight is canceled. Please return to your point of contact for refunds.” According to an online report at, those who purchased tickets via Ticketmaster will be eligible for refunds.

With a media pass to the concert in hand, City Paper intern and contributing writer Lucas Hagerty showed up at the Gaillard at 7 p.m. According to Hagerty, the management for the two hip-hop artists were trying to secure an alternative venue. He stayed at the Gaillard for about an hour, waiting for information about a last-minute venue change. “The artists’ managers didn’t really have any answers,” he says. “They said there was a money issue, they couldn’t perform at the Gaillard, and they were going to try to find another place. Everyone seemed frustrated and kind of shocked, but no one seemed furious. Aside from a few groups of young fans, I was surprised there weren’t more people there.”

Neither Big Boi nor Busta Rhymes performed at an alternate venue on Sunday. There’s no word yet on a make-up date or venue.

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