Got this notice from AFFA:

Are you Without Prejudice?

On Tuesday, August 7, watch a special episode of GSN’s Without Prejudice? at 9 p.m. Presented in association with GLAAD, the episode features contestant Jim Smith, a gay man who married his husband in 2004. The couple has twin newborns.

Smith, along with four other ordinary, everyday people are vying for a $25,000 prize. Choosing who will win the prize are five judges who rely on their personal feelings about appearance, race, gender, age and sexual orientation in selecting a winner. Along the way, Smith faces the kind of discrimination gay and lesbian families face every day. “I wish more people knew more gay people to really talk about this, because when you talk about it you finally get it,” says a judge in response to the prejudice Smith faces during the competition.

Be part of this nationwide conversation that brings thought-provoking issues out in the open in an effort to change hearts and minds. To learn more about Without Prejudice? and GLAAD’s participation in the Without Prejudice Project click here.