Charleston’s Garden & Gun — or, as I like to call it, Hunter Porn — got a little love from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today.

[image-2]Samir Husni, a University of Mississippi journalism professor who studies magazines, has been impressed. He named Garden & Gun one of the hottest launches of last year, despite his initial reservations about the name.

“It usually isn’t a good idea to make people wonder what your publication is about,” Husni said. “But they’ve managed to turn it to their advantage. Once you get past the name, it’s a great magazine.”

Publisher Rebecca Darwin admitted that she “gulped” the first time she saw the proposed title. It was coined by the founding editor, John Wilson, who knew that Garden & Gun had been the name of a popular disco in Charleston.

“It’s a gutsy name,” Darwin said. “But if we had called it something like The South Today, it would have been such a snore.”

Actually, it was a gay disco (affectionately referred to as “The Root and Shoot”), but that just makes the name more gutsy.

If I may be allowed to bury the news here, it seems that Evening Post Publishing, owner of the Post and Courier, will be expanding this magazine company.

With profitability in sight, the corporate parent is planning to launch more niche publications. “We’re building a national magazine company that happens to be in Charleston,” Darwin said.