[image-6]Garden & Gun‘s fancy person party, Jubilee, kicked off this morning at Charles Towne Landing with a media breakfast and we’ll be honest, we were pretty psyched to see it. Just as inexplicably as Little Orphan Annie was invited to live with a balding millionaire going by the unsettling moniker of “Daddy”, we somehow got a press pass to attend last year’s Jubilee. And it was everything G&G promised — tents of exquisite antiques, shotguns so delicately handcrafted we’d sooner frame them than take down a deer, and lots and lots and lots of people who looked like Billy Reid. So, you know, we fit right in.

But the highlight of our visit to last year’s “Made in the South” weekend were the puppies — a whole litter of Boykin spaniels just hanging out mid-event awaiting a snuggle. So we figured, surely this year would just be the same outrageous fete but with double the pups, right? Wrong. With the exception of “One-on-One Dog Training with Wildrose Kennels,” this year’s Jubilee was puppy-free. Instead, highlights included a handcrafted Marketplace, “Meet the Makers” Trunk Show, and the unveiling of Volvo’s XC90 luxury seven seat SUV and V60 all-road Cross Country.

Quoi? How did the Swedish auto brand make it into the Made in the South Weekend? I’m not super great at geography, but the last time I visited Stockholm (Spring ’02, got lost shopping in H&M, nearly missed my boat back to my Rotary Exchange host family in Finland. Most terrifying day of my life.) it was in Scandinavia. You know that little block of icicles masquerading as nations — super healthy people, nine months of winter, incredible education standards … i.e. the antithesis of the South.

But what the Jubilee lacked in canine cuteness, it made up for in fancified tchotchkes. The highlights:

Ironic formal wear from preeminent Texas patch maker, Fort Lonesome. 
Teeny tiny dinnerware. That or snuff spoons for your most ostentatious of nicotine-loving friends. 
Loads of leather satchels for when a JanSport backpack just doesn’t say, “I’m a gentleman and a scholar” enough.
And build-your-own-firearms for the marksman who likes a little Lego-like pre-game before the hunt.  
Which is all to say, Jubilee is a super chic shopping dreamscape the likes of which we hope to return to next year. Pretty please? We promise to remember to wear more tweed.