The Washington Post reports today on questions for the CNN/YouTube debate, including one by S.C.-native Alexander Nicholson, who was booted from the military under “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“As president, how would you all go about getting this law changed to ensure that the military can recruit and keep Americans with critically needed education and skills like myself even if they happen to be gay?”

“It took me about nine or 10 takes to get that recording done,” said Nicholson, who speaks five languages, including Arabic. The 26-year-old is now pursuing a doctorate in political science at the University of South Carolina. “But, you know, I wanted to get the question right, just right.”

Nick Shalosky over at OUTloud offered a similar take.

A question that I hope arises at the debate is the already asked and answered question about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. At The Citadel there is an underground group of students that no person in this country, except for me, likes to talk about. LGB (purposefully left out the T on this one for obvious reasons) students at The Citadel will be wanting to know which candidate will let them speak? Don’t believe that there are LGB students at The Citadel, well think again. I hope that one of these candidates will stand up for these students and allow them to serve our country and be who they are at the same time.