[image-1]Based in Athens, Georgia, the chiming and melodic rock quartet The Vinyl Strangers specialize in classic power-pop with a jangly British Invasion style (it’s a Classic City thing). The quartet — bassist Tim Adams, singer/guitarist Reid Howland, Guitar, singer/guitarist Joe Guerzo, and drummer Ian Werden — return to town for a set at the Village Tavern on Fri. Jan. 16 with support from Matt Woods.

The last time the band came to town was in August for an opening set at the Pour House with Josh Roberts & The Hinges headlining. I put them up for the night and forced them to choose allegiance between my S.C. state flag and my Georgia state flag. Howland, Guerza, and Adams choose their home state’s emblem (the latest redesign, of course) — and they even posed for a shot right in my front yard.

(photo by T. Ballard Lesemann)