[image-1] In a GOTV effort for the streaming era, Spotify has released “get vocal” playlists for each state ahead of next Tuesday’s midterm elections.

The lists are made up of songs “uniquely popular” to each state.
[content-2] South Carolina’s hour-long compilation runs the gamut from pop (Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift), rap (Lil Wayne, Migos), and bro country (Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line) to, interestingly, children’s lullabies (Rock a Bye Baby by the The Rubber Ducky Band).

“With midterm elections quickly approaching, Spotify is encouraging voting-eligible users and employees to show up to the polls because everyone — employees, artists, and fans alike — deserves to have their voices heard on the things that matter most to them,” according to a statement from the streaming platform. “Spotify is leveraging its massive reach and presence in its listeners’ lives to send users custom notifications, based on state / territory, to motivate them to get to the polls on Election Day, Tues. Nov. 6.”
[content-1] The playlist description links to a website where voters can enter their address to find their poling places and read up on the candidates and amendments on their ballots.

Voter encouragement from a Swedish software company doesn’t count as foreign interference, right?

In any case, try your best to cast a ballot. We don’t care what you listen to on your way there.